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Class Descriptions...

Pilates I

Pilates I is designed for those students who are relatively new to pilates and develops a strong foundation in the basics emphasizing body awareness and control.

Pilates II

Pilates II builds upon the basic exercises to expand the repertoire and emphasize flow and complete strength.

Pilates II/III

Pilates II/III is an advanced intermediate level class emphasizing flow and mastering precision while introducing the advanced repertoire.

OPEN Pilates

OPEN Pilates classes are open to all levels. Because we know schedules are busy, these odd time classes are designed to meet the needs of the students enrolled.

Small Apparatus

Small Apparatus classes incorporate thera-bands, magic circles, small balls, and other small Pilates equipment into class. Designed to add challenge to the traditional Pilates exercises.

Pilates on the Ball

A very challenging class adding stability balls to the Pilates repertoire.

Pilates on the BOSU

This class integrates the use of a BOSU balance trainer. It adds an additional stability challange to the Pilates repertoire as well as balance training.

Fusion I

Fusion is an integration of the concepts of both yoga and pilates. These complementary forms of movement exercise provide a focus on strengthening the core while actively stretching, lengthening and
strengthening the muscles of the body through both yoga and pilates postures. This class is appropriate for beginners as well as those who have an established yoga &/or pilates practice.

Fusion II

This class integrates both Pilates exercises and Yoga postures for a challenging comprehensive class and is designed for those looking to advance their practice beyond the Fusion I class.

Teacher's Choice

This class is a good mixture of different apparatus and classical Pilates mat. If you are looking for something different every week, this is a great class to try!

Pilates for Families

This class is designed for parents and children ages 6-11. We are excited to get kids involved in Pilates and excited about exercise.

Junior Pilates

Junior Pilates is designed specifically towards the ages of 9-13, this class emphasizes balance, posture and control while integrating basic anatomy.


Emphasizing the flow and rhythm of the body, this class integrates self massage, strength and flexibility for a relaxing yet invigorated work out.