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Mat make up classes

We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that force you to miss mat class. Please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice that you will not be in class and we will allow you to make that class up within the given session.

We hope you understand that this policy is in place to enable people to make up those classes that they missed. If we know you are not going to be here, we can call them and let them know there is an open mat. Likewise, if you want to make up on a given day and we know we have an open mat for you, we will call you too. Thank you for assisting us to keep our classes small while allowing people to make up their sessions at other times.

Private appointment cancellation

As much as we would like to be able to allow for every possible reason for last minute cancellation, Pilates Indy Inc. enforces the 24 hour cancellation policy in all events and circumstances that may require you to cancel your appointment without 24 hours notice. Though this may seem harsh sometimes, we need to strictly uphold this policy to compensate staff and cover studio costs so that the highest quality of instruction can be upheld. We know that there are circumstances in life that force you to cancel despite your paramount attempts. Here are some possibilities for those instances which require you to cancel your appointment on short notice that may ease the situation:

  • Don't wait till the last moment to call if you are unsure about making your appointment. Call 24 hours before and let us know that you need to cancel, but will call us back if circumstances change. Chances are we can re-book you into our studio schedule for the day (even on short notice) and you are covered just in case you really can't make it.
  • Call and let us know you are sending a friend or a family member in your place. They can pay for their session on their own, or you can gift it to them and we will simply deduct the session from your block of paid sessions. It is up to you.
  • Call as soon as you know. We will try to fill your cancelled appointment time with another client if possible, but we need time to do so. If we are successful, then you will not be charged. Please keep in mind that it is almost impossible to fill an appointment inless than an hour especially if we are teaching during that hour. The more time the better.
  • Please note that if you are part of a pair, that you owe it to your partner to give them the same 24 hour notice as you give the studio. If you do not, please know that you will be held responsible for paying for your half of the lesson, and your partner will receive a private lesson instead.

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