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High ceilings and hardwood floors give the Northside Studio a New York loft appeal. Pilates Indy Inc's Northside Studio has four separate rooms equipped with the cadillacs (trapeze tables), reformers, wunda chairs, ladder barrels, spine correctors and small apparatus including foam rollers and magic circles. The studio also has a Gyrotonic Pully Tower® and stools for Gyrokinesis® classes. We look forward to adding the Gyrotonic Ladder® and Jump Stretching Board® in the future. The Northside Studio is also home to Esther Waltz and her massage therapy practice, Metamorphosis.

The Southside Studio has been newly rebuilt in its great new home at Countyline and Emerson with a separate mat room and freshly mounted spring boards along with a full equipment studio with reformers, combo chairs, spine correctors, and a cadillac.

» Tour the Northside Studio Online

» Tour the Southside Studio Online


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