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"When I came to Pilates Indy Inc. I was suffering from back pain due to a spinal condition caused by many years of sports trauma. I had very little range of motion turning left to right. My flexibility was almost non-existent nd my core strength was dwindling. As a former professional athlete and someone who took pride in his body, that was overly depressing. When the medical procedures didn't work, my better half suggested pilates. Katie was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the benefits of pilates. I was a bit skeptical at first but she tailored workouts that challenged me and in some cases humbled me. A year and a half later I'm no longer experiencing any pain in my back. I'm running and playing sports again. My flexibility not only returned but has increased by 6%. I'm stronger in muscles I never knew existed! I recommend Pilates Indy Inc., to anyone whether they're rehabbing an injury or just trying to stay in shape. It has truly been a blessing in my life."

"After 9 months of weekly Pilates instruction, I can honestly say it has changed my life. Previously, I suffered with low back and sacrum pain for over a year and nothing was helping. I was afraid to move and was growing weaker each month. A friend recommended doing Pilates with Katie at Pilates Indy. Her Pilates class provided extensive muscle retraining, stretching and core strengthening. At 68, I am able to stand with a much-improved posture, very little pain and my general strength has vastly improved. Nothing distracts Katie and her instructors from the time they spend with you. They gave me the confidence, guidance, encouragement and goals I needed. They are devoted, caring and skilled at their profession. The equipment is top of the line. The studio's natural light makes it a peaceful and inviting place. I consider them one of my blessings!"

"I starting coming to Pilates Indy Inc for pilates classes in March of 2011, but have been practicing pilates since 2009. There is such a positive energy I feel every time I come to class here and all of the teachers are amazingly talented and generous with their knowledge of how to perform each exercise. I always leave feeling peaceful, but stronger and confident that I had a great workout. I have had problems with my hip from years of running and once I told Katie she helped me modify the exercises that strained that area. Pilates has changed my body and I continue to grow and feel challenged at this studio. I have taken classes at other studios around Indianapolis in the past but never felt the connection that I have found here - I am very thankful to have found Katie and her awesome instructors."

"In a short amount of time I've learned so much about not only the practice of pilates, but also about what works best for my body. The knowledgable instructors provide a rigirous workout every time, but also allow time for the mind and body to balance. Each time I walk out of class I'm amazed at what I could do and I can feel the results immediately; my balance is better, my mind is clearer, and I can feel my posture improving. Pilates is a great, low-impact workout, that engages all the core muscles and refreshes your body preparing it for whatever life has to offer next."

"I've been into fitness most of my life: everything from weightlifting and running to martial arts and aerobic conditioning but nothing works the core muscles as effectively as Pilates. When I walk out of Katie's class I know my abs are worked! She knows exactly how to help me achieve my goals."

"I started taking Pilates classes in May, 2002 at the age of 61 and I credit Pilates with enormous increases in my mobility and a virtually pain-free life even though I have osteo-arthritis in almost every joint. I'll be taking Pilates classes until I'm 90 - or longer!"

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